Research & Writing

My research interests include public policy, U.S. environmental politics and policy, policy learning, adaptive management of social-ecological systems, the role of science and technical information in the policy process, and issues of urban environmental justice and social equity. My research has appeared in peer-reviewed books and journals including Review of Policy ResearchEnvironmental Science & PolicySociety & Natural Resources, Policy Studies Journal, Journal of Industrial Ecology, and the Canadian Political Science Review. Additionally, I have presented at many national academic conferences, examples of which are presented below. Please visit My Faculty Profile  

Peer-Reviewed Publications 

Factors Shaping Policy Learning: A Study of Policy Actors in Subnational Climate and Energy Issues. Andrew Pattison. 2018. Review of Policy Research. 35(4): 535-565.

Equitable Local Climate Action Planning: Sustainable & Affordable Housing. 2018. Andrew Pattison and Jason Kawall. Ethics, Policy & Environment. 20(4): 17-20.

Scaling down the “Netherlands Fallacy”: a local-level quantitative study of the effect of affluence on the carbon footprint across the United States. 2017. Matthew Thomas Clement, Andrew Pattison and Robby Habans. Environmental Science & Policy. 78: 1-8.

The Pitfalls and Promises of Climate Action Plans: Transformative Resilience Strategy in U.S. Cities. Chandra Russo and Andrew Pattison. In Resilience, Environmental Justice and the City 2017. Edited by B. S. Caniglia, M. Vallée, and B. F. Frank. New York, NY : Routledge.

Climate Action Planning: An Intersectional Approach to The Urban Equity Dilemma. Chandra Russo and Andrew Pattison. In Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change: Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender. 2016. Edited by P. Godfrey & D. Torres. New York, NY: Routledge.

Ecological Modernization or Aristocratic Conservation: Examining the Impact of Affluence on Carbon Emissions at the Local Level. 2014. Andrew Pattison, Robert Habans and Matthew Thomas Clement. Society and Natural Resources. 27(8): 850-866.

Social Construction and Policy Design: A Review of Past Applications. 2014. Jonathan J. Pierce, Saba Siddiki, Michael D. Jones, Kristin Schumacher, Andrew Pattison and Holly Peterson. Policy Studies Journal.  42(1): 1-29.

A Social-Ecological Infrastructural Systems (SEIS) Framework for Inter-Disciplinary Study of Sustainable City Systems: An Integrative Curriculum Across Seven Major Disciplines. 2012. Anu Ramaswami, Christopher M. Weible, Deborah Main, Tanya Heikkila, Saba Siddiki, Andrew Duvall, Andrew Pattison and Meghan Bernard. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 16(6): 801-813.

Policy Analytical Capacity and Policy Activities. 2012. Chrisopher Weible, Dallas Elgin and Andrew Pattison. Canadian Political Science Review 6(1): 125-137.

Policy Analytical Capacity Inside and Outside Government: A Case Study of Colorado Climate and Energy Issues. 2012. Dallas Elgin, Andrew Pattison and Christopher Weible. Canadian Political Science Review 6(1): 101-116.

Harnessing Expert-Based Information for Learning and the Sustainable Management of Complex Socio-Ecological Systems. 2010. Chris Weible, Andrew Pattison and Paul Sabatier. Environmental Science & Policy 13(6): 522-534.

Selected Working & Recent Conference Papers:

The Weight of Carbon on Policy: Towards a Framework for Understanding How Greenhouse Gas Inventories Can Inform Equitable Climate Policy Design. Andrew Pattison, Matthew Clement, and Robby Habans. Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference. April 2018.

Exploring Political Learning Among State Climate Policy Actors. Andrew PattisonPresented at the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference. April 2017.

Carbon Emissions and Climate Policy Support in California: A Qualitative                        Comparison Analysis at the County Level. Robert Habans, Matthew Clement, and Andrew PattisonPresented at The Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference. March 2016, and currently under review for publication.

Stakeholder Engagement and the Three Pillars of Sustainability in Local Government Sustainability Policies: A Case Study of Ventura County. Manal Bahobeshi (CLU MPPA student) and Andrew PattisonPresented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management Annual Conference. November 2014.

Practitioner-Oriented Publications and Presentations

Social Equity & Local Climate Action Planning. Andrew Pattison. Presented for The New York State Climate Smart Communities Program & New York Department of Environmental Conservation. October 12, 2017.

The Importance of Sustainable Affordable Housing: A Story from San Buenaventura. Nicholas Birck and Andrew Pattison. 2016. Journal of Housing & Community Development. 72(3): 18-23.

Expand Public-private Partnerships to Increase Affordable Housing. Andrew Pattison. Pacific Coast Business Times. January 22, 2016.

The Nexus of Climate Change and Affordable Housing. Andrew Pattison and Nicholas Birck. Ventura County Star. January 5, 2015.

A Review of Green Job Estimations for Colorado. Andrew Pattison, Abel Chavez, Anu Ramaswami, and Blair Gifford. The Colorado Wal-Mart Green Jobs Council Summit, November 2009.

Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Andrew Pattison. The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit, February 2009.

Energy Management and Conservation: Municipal Best Practices (2007). Andrew Pattison. A publication of the Colorado Municipal League and the Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy.