I am an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Colgate University. My research and teaching interests include subnational sustainability & climate action policy and planning, U.S. environmental policy & politics, policy learning, adaptive management of social-ecological systems, the role of science and technical information in the policy process, and issues of urban environmental justice and social equity. I endeavor to integrate community-based research into my classes whenever possible. Previously, I worked both in the public and private sectors as a sustainability and climate change consultant. I have also served in City Council and Governor appointed government positions, and multiple NGO governing boards related to sustainability and environmental policy, affordable housing, and civic engagement. I am part of The Scholars Strategy Network which works to connect journalists, policymakers, and civic leaders to America’s scholars and their research. The goals are to provide jargon-free research, inform news outlets, help solve the nation’s toughest policy problems, and strengthen democracy.